Tank Trouble 2

For the keyboard-wielders who prefer simple combat to the explosive outbursts that high-end games have to offer, arcade games can be an interesting indulgence. If you have a penchant for tanks, you might want to let out that gunpowder craving through 'Tank Trouble 2'. But do not be deluded by 'simple combat'; tanks are a big deal and with these instructions, we'll ensure that you have complete control over those mean little monsters.

Tank Trouble 2

'Tank Tops 2', as implied, is only available for PC. All you need is a working browser, a stable internet connection, and Adobe Flash Player. If you don't have Adobe Flash Playe or have an older and/or incompatible version, the game will prompt you to download or update it -- no worries there!
Head to https://tanktrouble3.com/tank-trouble-2/ and now the game begins!

This arcade game can pit up to three players against each other simultaneously. The point is to not only to destroy your opponent(s), but to survive. There are numerous levels in 'Tank Trouble 2' -- from tiny boxes to labyrinthine squares -- with a varying number of walls that may kill you. You read that right.

By default, the players are given five bullets that can be fired consecutively. If fired at walls, these bullets will ricochet again and again until they vanish into thin air or hit your opponent -- at this point, your cartridge is replaced with five new bullets. So use your bouncing toys wisely.

And if they're not enough, you have lasers, Frag bombs, death rays, RC missiles, Gatling guns, Homing missiles, and Booby traps to seal the deal. Lasers are as lethal as they sound; Death rays allow you to foresee the trajectory; RC missiles allow you to craft the very trajectories as they move; Gatling guns blow your enemies to bits while sly and subtle Booby traps let you take a break from front-line aggression. Pick these special weapons as they spawn incessantly all over the maze.

If it's your first attempt, we advise you to play by yourself for a minute to get the hang of it ( and to avoid irritating self-destructions). That's right -- your own bullets may kill you, and they often will unless you master the art of moving your tank.

Control the Mayhem:
The controls to 'Tank Trouble 2' are fairly simple.Player 1 moves around with the arrow keys while tapping M to shoot.Player 2 moves with E(Up), S(Left), D(Down), and F(Right) while shooting with Q.Player 3, however, is reliant on the mouse. The tank is always in motion unless the front is against a wall, and Mouse Button 1 unleashes the cannons.
Each player can use special weapons through their respective shooting buttons -- M,Q, and Mouse Button 1.

Now here's the catch. Tanks cannot move in a direction unless they point to that direction. So, for instance, since you can't strafe left, point your cannon towards the left, and accelerate using the 'Up' button. Reverse using the 'Down'buttons. It takes some practice, but with that mobility combined with planned and precise shooting, you'll be owning the maze in no time!